Produced Media Element (IN PROGRESS)

Consumer Insight: Now matter which way you cut it, managing a team is stressful and not a ton of fun.

Creative Strategy: is there to be the bad guy in managing a team.


MATT waits nervously inside a dingy, grimy waiting room. The dismal place is decorated with off-putting signs to "Smile!" Matt rubs his hands together as we hear the pained sound of screams coming from down the hallway. Matt swallows and a sweat breaks out across his forehead. He glances around at the other patients who seem unbothered.

The screams stop. There's the creaking of wood as heavy boots hit the floor: someone's approaching from the hallway.

The DENTIST appears in the waiting room. He is a Sweeney Todd type with sunken eyes and pale skin. He speaks in a chilling, calculating manner.

DENTIST: Barbara, we're ready for you now. And Matt?

Matt looks up at the dentist with fear in his eyes. BARBARA stands and joins the dentist.

DENTIST: Remember your presentation for the meeting at 4.

Matt nods his head nervously. Barbara follows the Dentist backs. As the graphics appear on screen, we hear more screams from the back.

GFX: When managing a team feels like pulling need a teeth puller.

SUPER: Practically painless planning.

Copywriter: McKay Fritz