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Here are some of my hottest takes:

  • Sierra Mist is superior to Sprite.

  • The best Pink Floyd album is Wish You Were Here (beats out Dark Side of the Moon and The Wall).

  • Hiking is only fun if there's something cool to see at the end of it (like a waterfall, for example).

  • Weezer still makes great music.

  • Smart watches are unnecessary. Your watch only needs to tell the time and that's it.

  • Up is overrated and Wall-E is underrated.

  • Halloween season is better than Christmas season.

  • I love going to Chuck-A-Rama

  • I unironically enjoy the song "I Gotta Feeling" by the Black Eyed Peas. 

  • Adam West was the best Batman.

  • While we're on Batman, I want the next Batman reboot to be campy and silly. Enough with the gravelly voice Batman. Give me a Batman in tights.